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  1. Niall was in there yay

  2. Paula Carlotta Fuhrmann

    Lady Gaga would probably like some of these….

  3. Paula Carlotta Fuhrmann

    Yikes, hobbit heels!! ???????????

  4. its so ugly

  5. kabi apnay soocha bi tha ki asay jutay yaa chappalay bi niklay gii. .!!!????

  6. Men's hair on a shoe

  7. 0:11 my daddies ?

  8. all of them

  9. gross

  10. svenja Ritter makes the ugliest shoe sculptures ever, I mean seriously maggot heels

  11. The most ugliest pair of shoes is the foot shoes but I like the monster shoes

  12. The foot ones look horrible it felt like I was disgusted

  13. root shoes denim shoes and gum shoes are actually not that bad

  14. the maggot ones

  15. Roses are red violets are blue I came for the hooves how bout you

  16. grosssssssssssssssssssss

  17. Wierddddddd??????

  18. the hairy one is the WORST

  19. LPS _TropicalNature

    Roses are red
    Vilots are blue
    I'm so popular
    And your such a ew

  20. TBH I like the denim boots

  21. Honestly these shoes are so creative! Sure they aren't that pretty but honestly is it a bit rude to diss these creative shoes…….

  22. HOOF!

  23. My favorite shoes were the demin shoes and the ugliest ones were the hairy heels

  24. I actually would prefer the jeans over all

  25. Heshmat Khajehzadeh

    i loved the root ones I don't care what other people think i love them

  26. The root shoes looked pretty

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