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  1. Someone needs to count how many times he says 'alright'.

  2. Great video.

  3. the rule i've learnt is that never use those stinky, worn out, messy and oversized skate shoes. When i was under 15 i thought they looked sicckkkkk. (but damn those jordans are beasts)

  4. quality? mall brand crap…

  5. I love how I just searched and your video was the first on the list! Thanks!

  6. 2:28 What the fuck?

  7. Does he have a dealing with foot oder/keeping shoes from stinking?

  8. ultraboosts

  9. 1)Black Doc Martens w/ red laces.
    2)Black Doc Martens w/ red laces.
    3)Black Doc Martens w/ red laces.
    4)Black Doc Martens w/ red laces.
    5)Black Doc Martens w/ red laces.

  10. nike 2016. thats it

  11. do a shoe collection

  12. Hi alpha, could you make a video for teen style.

  13. Jordan 1
    Jordan 3
    Jordan 4
    Jordan 11
    Jordan 12

  14. Evidently fear is not a factor for you.

  15. alpha m I love your vids but your shoes are shit

  16. My list
    1.Yeezy 350 v2s
    2. Ultra boosts
    3. Air Force Ones
    4. Vans old skool
    5. Jordan 1s

  17. cristopher_the_gamer323

    Damn all i have is a pair of adidas ultraboost and a pair of adidas nmds??

  18. iiKingMix Production

    Man I'm gonna turn into jiddena

  19. iiKingMix Production

    I wonder how many wife's he has

  20. Where can i get shoes in wide widths that actually look good and are comfortable?

  21. 1. Ultraboost
    2.Air Force 1s hi without the strap
    3. Jordan 3s
    4. Any pair of Vans
    5. Black loafers for any special occasion

  22. I don't like pilgrim or witch shoes.

  23. 1: Whites smokejumpers. Black
    2: Wesco highliner. Brown
    3: Danner Pronghorn. Brown
    4: Converse or running shoe.
    5: Madden Black dress shoe.

  24. If you're living in the hood you can buy the most ridiculous pair of Jordans you can find and be done with it.

  25. The only boots I like are timberlands

  26. Every guy should have a white pair of Vans.

  27. I have to admit I break the rules with my black patent leather J&M boot with the tan sole.. I don't know why I think it's okay but damn with skinny dark jeans and a dress shirt I'm thinking it's okay… Thoughts?

  28. Kanye Isepiclydank

    to all the 12 year olds who don't understand men's fashion trainers aren't in here because they usually look like clown shoes

  29. Fuck a puma! Get a nmd or a ultraboost!!

  30. Teens, if your trying to get any respect from, employers,adults, and the like. please don't wear Nike, Jordan, or Adidas unless you're going to the gym.

  31. 1 = Timberland boat shoes
    2= black dress shoes
    3= black monks
    4 = football shoe( adidas)
    5= football shoe ( Nike )
    6= converse
    7 = polo sneakers
    8= black loafers
    9=adidas sneakers
    10 = black sneakers
    11=leather sandals ?

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