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  1. U should do a steph curry shoes give away

  2. you should give the shoes away

  3. I got the Kobe what the

  4. Can i have the jordan 5

  5. Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenvewve ugwemubwem ossas


  6. Uncaged ultra boosts????¿?

  7. Bro show us your collection

  8. love to see stuff like this i cant wait to be rich so i can help ppl

  9. What are those orange kyries called

  10. I wish we had something like this here in MD, I work with under privileged kids and this would be an absolute dream for many of them. Awesome Video

  11. wish i had that kyrie 2

  12. Did people donate on did they pay for the shoes

  13. I have say most of the kids have to come with bigger feet then I do! lol

  14. bro u lucky

  15. i want kd 9 and kryire 2

  16. Scoop who??? LOL good unBoxing.

  17. Dewangga Aps Sadry

    omg i even cant buy those aquas lol

  18. That's awesome

  19. if u still have them kobes can i have em

  20. nice???

  21. Rey Guiller Marapao Aya-ay

    could you give me some of that

  22. My son will be made shoes but we don't live in that state

  23. Minh Hiếu Hoàng

    man I need a pair my parents haven't buy me a new pair for school yet?

  24. when is it?

  25. +Jacques Slade what kind of ss grey hoody you wearing. looks good! excellent video!

  26. some kids getting ultraboost and other crazy shit damn lucky all for a good cause so im not even mad

  27. The Sneaker Family

    damn salty I just seen this vid.  awesome vid, awesome cause.

  28. I ordered my mufuckin huarches 7 weeks ago ? whey they at doe

  29. yo con 3 caja yo me conjomo

  30. This is a good cause!!! I bought an unauthorized pair of OVOS from @sneakermonarchy. Man they are super "LIT"! They even threw in a WARRIORS jersey for free. I saw a pair and compared them to mine and they were almost identical, cat was asking like $$800. I paid $225 so I came out ahead.

  31. are all of them are yours

  32. looks mostly like stuff from outlets that didn't sell. but there's still some dope kicks in there

  33. i only get like 1 new paird of shoes every like 2 years because my feet never grow out of my 10.5 size shoes and i never fuck up shoes, but when i do get new shoes they fly af

  34. Give me

  35. VIDEO GAMES AND MORE Beastmodegaming

    Jacques please send me a pair of shoes

  36. VIDEO GAMES AND MORE Beastmodegaming

    Those kids are lucky I only get 1 pair of shoes a year

  37. Can I git some kd

  38. plese give a nike hypershift

  39. akixf aiman (akiXf aiman)

    the kids are luckier then normal kids

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